Our main goal is to spread BSC around the memes, make money and study about cryptography and cryptocurrency. Our team has worked now on 4+ projects on BSC as programming or with their community, and the results were good.
Our tiny supply (21 million) is to remember the father of all cryptos: Bitcoin. And we also think this supply is good enough so we reach dollars price in a near future.
Sharky wants to build it’s own gambling house, and a swap that allows easy token creating & trading, fees will be converted to holder’s rewards.
Sharky’s contribution to blockchain and technology is our way to the billions. It is not only a gambling token which you put a happy meal money, it is a solid project which builders want to build something they would be proud of.
Recapping: our goal is to spread Binance Smart Chain and it’s technology around the world of memes with our innovative projects, such as our Sharky’s Bet and Trading Platform with it’s token creating facility. All the profits of these projects will be converted to holders rewards and for sure, CEX listings.
Last modified 4mo ago