This is something we are proud to do: Instead of our project being slow, waiting weeks for innovations and updates, we are going to do a Speedrun: The Speedrun for our very first CEX listings.
Even before the project is published, our team is in contact with popular memecoin and serious CEX to list Sharky ($SHKY) as soon as possible.
We believe that nothing is impossible since you have the right determination to do it.
Sharky’s Speedrun is something new not only in Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but in every single own Blockchain. Since we got a innovative meme and a innovative point of view, you will want to spread and talk about Sharky to people. Not only you, but thousands of people.
This is why we are so bullish about the project. It were never such a coin like Sharky. This is an unique opportunity of a lifetime.
Recapping: Sharky’s Speedrun if to make literally a CEX listing speedrun. Our project work fast, that’s why people will talk about us.
Last modified 4mo ago