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Why Sharky?

We would like to end the beginning of our docs by answering: Why Shark?
Sharky is the token you someday though could appear for you. A token full of fundamentals and a solid team. Sharky is the right thing in the right time for BSC.
According to after all the roadmap’s goals be accumplished, Sharky will continue to innovate and to bring new technologies for one of the best blockchains in the world: Binance Smart Chain.
Sharky’s contribution to blockchain and technology is our way to the billions. It is not only a gambling token which you put a happy meal money, it is a solid project which builders want to build something they would be proud of.
After all this said, would you like to join us, the Sharky community on our way to make BSC strong as BRC20 and ERC20?
Last modified 6mo ago